Concerned Catholics of Vermont: Call for Synod

Designed by Concerned Catholics of Vermont @2013, a nonprofit and unaffiliated organization.
Concerned Catholics of Vermont (CCOVT)


Concerned Catholics of Vermont (CCOVT) is profoundly committed to the vision of the Church manifested in Pope John XXIII and Vatican Council II. We fully support Pope Francis’s vision of a synodal Church, a pastoral Church, defining itself by inclusion rather than exclusion, reception rather than rejection, a field hospital for the wounded, not a fortress for the righteous. We reject a static Church, we seek a learning Church, Christian people on pilgrimage in the varied changing cultures of the modern world.

We are concerned to expand true authority for the laity in shaping the mission and work of the Church. We are particularly interested in enhancing the role of lay and religious women at all levels in the Church. We strongly advocate a greater emphasis on the full spectrum of the Church’s social teachings.


CCOVT communicates with its members and others through on-site meetings, e-mail and phone contacts in order to gather information, comment, and recommendations about issues facing the Church in Vermont and beyond. The results of surveys and discussions are shared with appropriate diocesan officials through written communication and direct meetings. 


Concerned Catholics of Vermont was formed as the result of an on-site meeting of Catholics from across the state at Weston Priory in October 2014. Over the past five years there have been other on-site meetings but CCOVT is mainly a “virtual community.” Members are contacted by e-mail or phone to comment on issues before the diocese or the Church overall. The results of these consultations have been forwarded to the appropriate diocesan office.

The overall aim of CCOVT has been the convoking of a diocesan synod. Members of the CCOVT Steering Committee met with Bishop Coyne on two occasions to press for the synod. We are gratified that the bishop called for the synod that concluded in 2019. We are supportive of the recommendations of the synod and have urged our members to assist in the implementation of the directives which have emerged. 

With the successful conclusion of the synod, the CCOVT Steering Committee reviewed goals of the organization. Having achieved our principal aim, perhaps we should declare victory and retire from the field. We decided otherwise. There were important concerns raised in the synod process that were not addressed in the recommendations and there are serious issues to be addressed at the national and Vatican level of the Church if the “evangelization” goals of the diocesan synod are to be fully realized. We believe that CCOVT should continue to examine these issues and make recommendations to diocesan offices or elsewhere as appropriate.
( September 12, 2019 )