Concerned Catholics of Vermont: Call for Synod

Designed by Concerned Catholics of Vermont @2013, a nonprofit and unaffiliated organization.
Concerned Catholics of Vermont (CCOVT)

Mission Statement: CCOVT promotes communication among Vermont Catholic laity about issues and activities that may affect the direction of the Vermont Church. The views of laity participating in various CCOVT activities are shared with the Diocese of Burlington. When appropriate, CCOVT also communicates with the United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).
CCOVT approaches issues in the spirit of the Second Vatican Council and Pope Francis’s emphasis on the pastoral life of the Church. CCOVT holds that effective pastoral ministry requires close attention to the diverse voices of the laity.

Subscribers: CCOVT functions through “subscribers” who receive information, surveys and questionnaires electronically as well as invitations to attend various events across the state. From time to time a free will offering is requested to cover CCOVT expenses.

Organization: direction of CCOVT activities is set by an informal Steering Committee drawn from volunteers willing and able to offer their time and expertise to setting agendas and organizing activities.

Activities: CCOVT holds meetings for interested parties at parishes and other venues for worship, fellowship and discussion of issues facing the Church in Vermont. CCOVT has maintained direct contact with the Diocese through written comments and meetings with Diocesan officials. Recent meetings: 

        Weston Priory: Day of Contemplation, Eucharist and Discussion
        St. Michael’s College: open meeting to discuss Vatican Synod on the Family.

Services to Subscribers: 

  • forwarding information from CCOVT or public sources relating to issues facing the Church in Vermont and the nation
  • polling subscribers on issues before the diocese or the USCCB. The results to be transmitted to the proper authorities in either the diocese, USCCB or both.
  • periodic requests for recommendations for action on specific issues facing the local and national church for the guidance of CCOVT and for sharing with proper authorities.
  • occasional CCOVT newsletters regarding issues and planned activities

History of CCOVT:

CCOVT began in the summer of 2012. Gary Chicoine, a member of St. Luke’s Parish in Jeffersonville, contacted several individuals about the possibility of forming a Vermont group interested in Church reform. Some 20 individuals from across the state met in Middlebury to discern what might be possible. While the attendees were sympathetic with the goals of various national groups pressing for reform in Church rules and practices, the group decided it was desirable to restrict our efforts to issues that were within the jurisdiction of the diocese and its bishop.